Why Theft Is a Crime

Any Type of Theft with Use of Force or Violence Is Robbery, and Will Get You Harsher Charges and a Higher-Set Bail Amount.

What Is Considered Theft?

Many people may be the victim of some form of theft at least once in their lifetime. Most forms of theft, also known as larceny, involve the wrongful taking of property, information, or something else that belongs to another individual without permission. So when someone sets out to steal money, a vehicle, or something like a candy bar, you’re committing a crime. The charges for larceny really do depend on the value of the stolen goods. Sentences may also be changed based on whether the act was a violent crime or not, so if a criminal uses a weapon or injures someone while stealing, they’re in for harder charges. This leads many people to ask the question “What are the degrees of theft?”

What Are the Different Types of Theft?

  • Theft The most basic and oldest form of theft vs larceny. The severity of the charges differs based on the state you’re located in. The state tries most cases of theft that happen in its borders. It’s either “petty” or “grand,” based on the value of the stolen materials. Petty larceny in Oklahoma is anything stolen with a total value of five hundred dollars or less. Grand larceny is stolen goods worth more than five hundred dollars, or something is directly taken from another person. Other items will always qualify as grand larceny, like vehicles or pets, depending on state laws and statutes.
  • Robbery This is any larceny that happens through violence or with a deadly weapon. It doesn’t matter if there is any actual physical violence since threats with a weapon make the crime robbery. In comparison with unarmed crimes, in Oklahoma, petty larceny carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail while it’s grand counterpart has a maximum sentence of five years in jail. The minimum jail sentence for robbery is five years. It also has a maximum sentence of life in prison depending on the circumstances.
  • Fraud This is convincing a person or people to surrender their possessions or money to a third party by lying. The best example of fraud is if a company representative lies to investors about the strength of investment and takes their money under false pretenses, often times with no thought of paying it back. Phone scams fall under fraud as well. Many people consider this a “white collar” crime, but it is still a crime.
  • Identity This is one of the fastest growing forms of theft, with the FCC currently estimating that approximately nine million Americans are victims of identity theft per year. This involves obtaining a person’s personal information for financial gain or personal benefit. A prime example is stealing someone’s information and using it to open a credit card in their name.
  • Theft for Services This is when someone obtains valuable services from a person or company, either under false pretenses or with no intention of paying for them. You could be guilty of this is you hire a contractor to install a new fence with no intention to pay them.
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Is Theft a Felony?

When determining if theft is a felony, it depends on the circumstances of the crime itself. It’s primarily stolen goods’ value or if there is violence involved. In Oklahoma, a person who steals a phone worth four hundred dollars is committing a misdemeanor, while a person who steals a nine hundred dollar phone is committing a felony. There are also other circumstances to consider, because charges can be increased from misdemeanor to felony based on the accused’s status as a repeat criminal offender. That means someone who has gone to trial before is more likely to see increased severity in their charges.

A Case by Case Basis for Restitution

The state may fine you if you’re accused and charged with theft. In Oklahoma a “grand” charge have you paying up to but not exceeding five thousand dollars on top of paying the victim restitution equal to the amount stolen. There’s also the potential for civil charges if you’re caught shoplifting. That means paying the store owners legal fees, reimbursing them the cost of the stolen goods, and even punitive or additional damages to deter future shoplifters.

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Can You Go to Jail for Theft?

People arrested for theft will have a very different experience depending on the details of the crime. However, even misdemeanor charges carry a potential jail sentence of up to one year. Even theft without intent carries potential charges. So if you find yourself facing charges allegedly stealing and needing , OK theft bail, you need a professional bail bond service to watch out for you. It’s easier to form a well-crafted legal defense from the comfort of your own home, so don’t let a lack of bail money keep you locked up. If you’re looking for bail to fight alleged theft charges in , OK, contact the professional bail bondsmen of Thunder Bail Bonds by calling 405.235.0002 today!