What are the guidelines I must follow when I’m out on bail?

Everyone is different, but bail bondsmen normally require their clients to check in with the bondsman once a week in person. Bondsmen also require that the Defendant not leave the jurisdiction without permission and notify the bondsman if any of the Defendant’s contact information changes at all. Personally, we also require that our clients pay us in a timely manner for any premium owed.

Basically, the bondsman has the right to know where the Defendant is at all times because they are more or less the Defendant’s personal jailer. So when false information is given or the person has fallen out of contact with his or her bondsman, the bondsman is more than likely going to turn the Defendant back in to jail and be released from the liability of the bond amount.

Unlike some other bail bondsmen, Thunder Bail Bonds will make sure you understand all of your guidelines. We will provide you with an agreement which goes over all of your requirements and the rules you have to follow. We understand things come up and everyone’s situation is different, and we try to make it easy on everyone. If you work with us, we will work with you. Simply put, Thunder Bail Bonds’ main concern is that you stay in contact with us. So long as you stay in contact and follow our guidelines, everything will go smoothly!