Child Support Bail Bonds

child support bail bonds in OKCIf you’ve been arrested for not paying child support in Oklahoma City, OK, contact Thunder Bail Bonds today. No matter the circumstances, our professional bail bondsman will work to get you out of jail fast. Call (405) 235-0002 for more information on child support bail bonds in OKC.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Child Support?

You must pay court-ordered child support, no matter your circumstances. If recent unemployment or other circumstances have limited or changed your income, you may be able to modify your payments. Even if you move to a new city or state, court-ordered child support remains in place. In some cases, the child support gets taken from tax returns, wages, and other sources of income.

If you do not pay child support, you may be subject to one or multiple penalties. These can range from various fines to jail time. Some of these include

  • A warrant issued for your arrest
  • Being held in contempt of court and jailed
  • Licenses or permits suspended
  • You may be denied a passport
  • A lien placed on your property
  • Checks from your employer or the government withheld

Get Out Of Jail On Bail

If you get arrested for not paying child support, you must make the back payments to get out of jail. Your cash bail will likely reflect the total child support you currently owe. Depending on your situation, this could become a serious expense. However, by calling a bail bondsman, you can pay only a portion of the amount now.

By calling your local, licensed bail bondsman at Thunder Bail Bonds in OKC, you can get out of jail and back to your life. You can go back to your job or family. Don’t stay in jail because you can’t afford child support payments right now.

Our staff is committed to serving and helping you, no matter the circumstances. We are not here to judge you; after all, good people go to jail. We are happy to answer your questions or help you through the bail process. At Thunder Bail Bonds, you can rest easy knowing your privacy will be protected and you will be treated with professionalism and respect. Call (405) 235-0002 for help with child support bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK.