Bail Enforcement – Bounty Hunting in Oklahoma

The Bail Bonds Industry would not survive without Bail Enforcement and Bail Enforcement would not survive without the Bail Bonds Industry therefore it is a must to know about Bail Enforcement in order to gain a total understanding of the bail bonds process. When a defendant bails out of jail through a bail bonds company they are responsible for making it to all of their future court appearances. If a court date is missed the bond is “forfeited” meaning the court is going to want the full amount of the bail soon.

A bondsman usually contracts to find the defendant now referred to as a “fugitive” (person on the run from the law) with a Bail Enforcer AKA Bounty Hunter AKA Bail Enforcement Agent in order to no longer be liable for the full amount of bail. In general a bail enforcer normally goes out with a team of agents with the goal of apprehending the fugitive and returning them to the jurisdiction where they were bonded out from for a fee. The Bounty Hunting fee is normally around what the fee is to bail out of jail, 10%. So if the bail amount were $10,000.00 the bounty hunter’s fee would be $1,000.00.

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Bail Enforcement Laws Vary

Bail enforcement laws vary state to state so it is important for the bail bondsman and bail enforcer to know all of the laws where they are intending on searching for and apprehending a fugitive so they do not find themselves in jail for doing something they assumed was legal.
bail enforcement badge
In the state of Oklahoma Bail Enforcement is covered in the Oklahoma Statutes, Section 1350 of Title 59. In this section rules and regulations are found as well as the authority for the Council on Law Enforcement and Education (CLEET) to promulgate additional rules and regulations ( and oversee the Bail Enforcement licensees.

Before this law was enacted Oklahoma was a place full of rogue bounty hunters who were not regulated by the state. It is now illegal for someone to act as a bail enforcer without the proper CLEET License. It is also illegal for bondsmen to enter into a contract with a non-licensed bounty hunter. The law also limits who can be a bail enforcer.

For more information about Oklahoma Bail Enforcement rules, regulations, training requirements etc., read the Frequently Asked Questions section below and if anything further is needed contact Frank DeLozier (Licensed Armed Bail Enforcer) at 405-235-0002.