How to Achieve Probation Success

Probation Success

To Succeed on Probation and Preserve Your Freedom, Follow These Simple Guidelines.

Probation represents a great opportunity for anyone convicted of a crime. Instead of sitting in jail, you can return to society, hold down a job, and spend time with family. Of course, probation comes with many restrictions and requirements. If you fail to live up to the agreement, you can find yourself back in jail. To achieve probation success, follow these guidelines.

Keep Appointments

Whether it’s a court date or meeting with your probation supervisor, you must make an effort to keep all of your appointments. Though free from jail, you remain under community supervision. This means you must be accountable for your time, and never miss an agreed upon date.

Stay Clean

Most terms of probation come with a drug testing requirement. Whether these tests are random or scheduled, you must pass them to avoid a probation violation. This means you should avoid the use of all illegal drugs, as most of them remain detectable through hair analysis for 90 days. If you were arrested for an alcohol-related offense, you can expect testing for that substance as well.

Fulfill Obligations

Similar to the necessity of your appointments, you will have obligations that the court orders you to fulfill. Community service represents a common one, as do classes. Additionally, alcohol-related offenses may come with a requirement for AA attendance.

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