Help! I Think There Is a Warrant for My Arrest!

Photo of warrantWarrants can be issued for many different reasons. These reasons can range from failure to show at court at an appointed day and time to being suspected of and under investigation for a crime. When you suspect a warrant may be out for your arrest, your first instinct may be to get out of dodge and skip town. However, this would be a huge mistake. 

Tips on How to Handle a Warrant

Step #1: Breathe.

Stop for a moment and just take a breath. If you suspect you have a warrant, there is no point panicking. Panicking and making snap decisions are how a great many complications are made. 

Step #2 Verify You Have a Warrant

Search the local police website for your arrest warrant. You can find it on the most wanted lists. This will tell you if you have cause for concern. You can also contact the courthouse. Calling the courthouse will also give you time to contact your attorney.

Step #3 Contact Your Attorney

Always contact your attorney after you have verified that you have an arrest warrant. Once you call them, your attorney can get to work getting all of the facts, including bail amount, and even help you through processing.

Step #4 Contact a Bondsman

Many arrest warrants have a predetermined bail set by the judge at the time of issue. Once you find the amount, contact a bondsman to help. They can work out your situation with you and help cover the bail amount.

Step #5 Turn Yourself In

Finally, turn yourself in. While this may sound like the exact opposite of everything you want to do, cooperating with the police will make the process quicker and less difficult for everyone. Bring your attorney and bondsman to expedite things. Doing so can get you in and out of the station quickly.

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