Bond Denied in Murray County

Justin Ray Smith was denied bond after Assistant District Judge Aaron Duck entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of unrepresented Smith who was in jail on eight felony charges in connection with the shooting of Randal Lee Hokett at the Murray County District Courthouse. The charges include one count of first degree murder, one count of first degree burglary, one count of shooting with intent to kill, two counts of kidnapping, two counts of rape and one count of committing a pattern of criminal offenses in two or more counties. Assistant District Attorney David Pyle asked for and received the denial of bond. Duck scheduled a preliminary hearing conference at 9 a.m., April 14 and told Smith he would need an attorney by April 7 and notified him of his rights.

In an affidavit signed by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Agent Justin Brown, Smith is alleged to have shot Hokett once in the head. The affidavit identifies the female victim as Hokett’s girlfriend as well as the ex-wife of Smith. Smith allegedly went to her house in Sulphur on March 7, forced entry with a gun and knocked Hokett to the floor. Smith forced both Hokett and the female to get into a blue F-350 truck and drove to Veteran’s Lake in Sulphur, which is federal property, where he shot Hokett in the head. Smith also fired another shot and threatened to harm the female if she did not follow instructions.

Smith later allegedly tied the female to a tree and left her on a rural road just 11 miles north of Sulphur, returning later to pick her up in a black Buick then drove to Lindsay, picked up a gun at a residence and drove into rural Garvin County. Smith proceeded to allegedly rape the woman and then drove her back to Sulphur where he told her to tell police she committed the murder of Hockett or he would rape her family. On the same day, a Sulphur policeman searched for and located the pickup with the body of Hokett inside. A gun was found in the vehicle. Smith was located at a residence and contact was made with an unidentified person with instructions to tell Smith he needed to contact authorities. Smith later turned himself in.

Pyle and the U.S. Attorney came to an agreement to try the case at the state level. An agreement was also reached with the Garvin County District Attorney’s office regarding the two charges of rape. Pyle said there is a statute that will allow all charges to be tied in Murray County.

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