How Bail Works In Oklahoma

The United States is one of the few countries that utilizes a bail bond system. Though the general process is similar in most states, there are some differences. Here is a brief guide to help you understand how bail works in Oklahoma.

After An Arrest

how bail works in OklahomaWhen you or a loved one gets arrested, you will be taken to the county jail for booking. You will be fingerprinted, have your mugshot taken, and asked for your personal information. You may be tested for alcohol or drugs if you were arrested for a DUI or DWI. At that point, based on your charges a preliminary bail will most likely be set for you. This is the price you must pay to get out of jail. However, the preliminary bail amount is subject to change at your hearing before a judge.

Bail Hearings

A bail hearing usually takes place within 48 hours of your arrest. If the jail is full, it may take longer. At your hearing, a judge will consider the misdemeanor or felony charges against you, your criminal history, danger to others, and your flight risk. Your flight risk is the likelihood of whether you will show up for your court date or flee.

Most states have a schedule or general set of guidelines for specific crimes and their corresponding bail amounts. However, these suggestions are subject to change based on each individual’s situation. Once the judge sets your final cash bail amount, you have a couple options. If you don’t pay bail, you will have to wait in jail until your court date. You can either pay the cash bail in full, or get help from a bail bondsman.

What does a Bail Bondsman do?

If you hire a bail bondsman, you do not have to pay the pull bail amount up front. Instead, you can pay a fraction of the total bail price and the bondsman will put up the remaining amount. This is usually about 10 percent. You will need to sign papers and may need to put up collateral such as a car title. Your bail bondsman will keep in touch with you about your court dates, which you must not miss. If you do, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you may be subject to more fines.

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