Bail Bonds at Oklahoma County Jail

Inmates needing bail bonds at Oklahoma County Jail located at 201 North Shartel Avenue OKC, OK have charges either from the Municipal Court of Oklahoma City located at 700 Couch Drive OKC, OK, 73102, or the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma located at 200 NW 4th Street and upon bail will be called to appear there for arraignment and further court proceedings as required by either court system.

If it is your first time bailing someone out of jail in OKC, have no fear Thunder Bail Bonds is here! The process is actually fairly easy to understand. You will first need to find an OKC bail bondsman, preferably you choose us. Our number is 405.235.0002, we can also be reached via email at otherwise there are a number of bail bond companies out there and they will all follow the same basic practice outlined below, you just may not always get the timely, professional and courteous service you deserve.

When contacting the OKC bail bondsman of your choosing you will want the bondsman to inquire with the jail as to what the bail amount is of the person you are trying to bail out called the defendant in the court of law. In order to do this, they will need the full name and date of birth of the defendant. Normally, the bondsman will take your name and number and call you back with the information as soon as they are able to gather it. Occasionally when the jail is busy or the charge is severe or unusual it may take longer than normal (normal is 2-3 hours after arrest) for the inmate to be booked in and a bail amount set, if so we will track it for you and let you know the earliest time the bond can be posted.

If the charges are from the municipal court the bond can be posted 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If the charges are filed in the District Court, the person can normally be bonded out 24 hours a day 7 days a week and all 365 days out of the year.

Normally, an OKC bail bondsman charges a premium of 10% of the bail amount and want at least one co-signor, also called an indemnitor. This person secures the bond with their signature on several bond documents stating that they will be responsible for the defendant attending their court appearances and if not they will be responsible for the full bond amount, if you’re reading this in the hopes of bailing someone out, then YES, this is going to be you! There is no need to worry though, just make sure the defendant you are vouching for does what they need to do and show up for court and you won’t be out a dime!

The 10% fee may vary depending on the circumstances of the situation. For example, if the defendant has two good co-signors (people who have solid income backed by verifiable pay stubs) and/or collateral (money, property, jewelry etc. given back at the end of the court proceedings after the defendant has made all appearances) to cover the full bond amount, the bondsman may lower the premium charged. On the other hand, if the defendant has only one co-signor who has a not so great job or a co-signor who does not live in Oklahoma, the bondsman will normally charge more premium or require collateral.

Once an agreement has been struck between co-signor and their OKC bail bondsman, the bondsman will need to meet with the co-signor and do the necessary paperwork. The bondsman will usually want the co-signor to fill out an information sheet providing their address, income, Social Security number, car make and model etc. this information is used to verify you are who you say you are, find you and the defendant if necessary and also to make sure you are a worthy candidate to co-sign a bail bond. The bondsman will also require an “indemnitor agreement” be signed, and yes this is the document that essentially marries you to the bail bond. A copy of the co-signor’s state issued identification will also be needed.

Once everything is verified and payment is received the bondsman will make their way to the Oklahoma County Jail to post your bond. The good news is, at this point the bond is posted and the process has begun at the jail to release the defendant. The bad news is, this is where the OKC bail bondsman is out of the picture as far as making sure everything is being done expediently to insure your loved one is out soon.

Being released from the Oklahoma County jail can take anywhere from 3 to 24 hours depending on the situation. Contacting the jail or the bondsman unfortunately will not do any good. The Oklahoma County Jail has a wonderful, friendly staff but sometimes there are a lot of inmates and arrests going on creating a traffic jam! The best thing to do at this point is relax and know that the process has commenced and it is out of your hands and in the hands of the good people at the jail who work diligently to make sure everything is done fairly and as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions about the Oklahoma County bail process call us at 405.235.0002.