What Is a Probation Violation?

Probation Violation

Breaking the Rules of Your Probation Can Lead to a Violation of Probation Warrant.

While probation presents an opportunity to maintain your freedom, it also comes with clear-cut rules. If you break these rules, you can have your probation revoked, a consequence that will lead to your imprisonment. If your probation officer finds that you have broken any rules, he or she can issue a probation violation. Probation violations are serious matters. A probation officer can take someone into custody on the spot, whereas missed appointments can result in arrest warrants. In order to avoid this, make sure that you both understand and respect the terms of your probation.

How to Avoid a Probation Violation

When a judge allows probation in place of imprisonment, he or she can set terms unique to the defendant’s crime. However, certain probation rules will apply for just about anyone. If you follow both the unique terms assigned to your case, along with the orders of your probation officer and the guidelines below, you can avoid violations and serve your sentence with peace of mind. Ignore these probation rules, and you risk a violation of probation warrant.

  • Attend all your scheduled appointments.
  • Pay all of your fines and fees in a timely manner.
  • Complete any community service within the allotted time.
  • If you have travel restrictions, discuss any trips with your officer.
  • Stay away from illegal drugs, and pass any required drug tests.
  • If the terms of your probation forbid alcohol, do not drink.
  • Complete any required classes or substance abuse counseling.
  • If you had your license suspended, do not drive.
  • Maintain steady employment.
  • If required, maintain a curfew.
  • Keep away from unsavory individuals and places.

Also, make absolutely sure that you discuss your terms and responsibilities with your probation officer. Since this is the person responsible for your freedom, you want things to remain absolutely clear. The last thing you want is a surprise knock on your door from an officer with an arrest warrant.

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