What Happens If You Can’t Afford to Pay a Traffic Ticket?

Anyone Arrested for a Traffic Violation May Need Traffic Bail

Dealing With Traffic Tickets and Bail

There is no worse feeling than driving along and suddenly seeing the red and blue lights flashing behind you. While you may feel as though you have done nothing wrong, law enforcement officials have noted otherwise. You can be pulled over for a variety of reasons from speeding to drunk driving to driving without insurance. Whatever the reason is, you may or may not need help with bail. For assistance with traffic bail in , OK, look no further than Thunder Bail Bonds. We can help you deal with a tough situation with professionalism and efficiency. Whether you want to pay the bail outright or contest it in court, we can help you. Dial 405.235.0002 to connect with us today.

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What is Traffic Ticket Bail?

No one finds joy when they see blue and red lights flashing behind their vehicle. In the state of Oklahoma, you can receive a traffic violation for speeding, reckless driving, DUI’s, and driving without adequate car insurance. Depending on the severity of the violation, which is determined by the police officer, the penalties and fines will vary. You could end up paying between $10 and $500, and those numbers can increase depending on the violation. You may even end up seeing jail time.

Bail for a traffic ticket happens a few different ways. Most of us have already paid bail for a traffic ticket without even realizing it. When you do go through the process of paying a speeding ticket, you have paid your bail. In other instances, like for those arrested for driving under the influence, you may need some help. Traffic bail bonds are just like any other bail bond service. If you can pay the full amount, you’ll actually forfeit your court hearing. That’s because paying the bail or ticket amount is an automatic agreement that a violation occurred. If you can’t pay or choose to not pay the bail, you will have a court hearing where you can contest the violation charge. If and when you do need help with traffic bail bonds, rely on Thunder Bail Bonds.

When Traffic Bail is Denied

When you have been pulled over and ticketed or arrested for a traffic violation, there may be the hope of bail. However, there are several instances where bail isn’t an option. Why traffic cops denied bail is dependent on several factors. Most cops and judges have the discretion to deny bail for a variety of reasons. 

  • Missed Court Date: Judges and traffic cops can choose to deny your bail if you have missed one or more of your court dates. By doing so, you have proven yourself a flight risk which results in no option for bail..
  • Other Warrants: When you are stopped for a traffic violation, your drivers license and information are processed. If there are other warrants out for your arrest, from other counties, the officers may deny bail so those counties can process the charges. 
  • Severe Crimes: If a severe crime has been committed at the same time as your traffic violation, meaning you seriously harmed or injured another individual, then your bail will more than likely be denied. 
  • Probation/Parole Violation: If you are driving a vehicle and it is in direct violation of your probation or parole, then your bail will be denied. Most courts have very little sympathy for repeat offenders and traffic violations are no different. 

We want to make clear that traffic violations are not only reserved for adults. There are laws in place to protect new and old drivers for a reason. If a young driver has been ticketed or arrested for a traffic violation, there are juvenile crimes bonds that can help. This is why an understanding of the proper driving procedure is so important.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just pay my ticket and not go to court?
    • By paying the ticket, you are admitting that the violation occurred. In doing so, you are agreeing to the terms established by the state and a court appearance will not be necessary. If you chose to fight the ticket, but went ahead and paid the ticket, then a court appearance is still not necessary. 
  • Is it worth it to fight a traffic ticket?
    • While it is absolutely possible, whether it is worth it is dependent on your case. If you feel you were wrongly pulled over and charged, and you can put together a solid case with a lawyer, then fighting the ticket may be worth it. Otherwise, it may be a huge loss of money for you. 
  • Do you have to appear in court for traffic violation?
    • By signing a ticket, you are not admitting to any fault. You are admitting that you will either pay the ticket (and thus admit fault) or appear in court to dispute the charge. So no, you don’t have to appear in court for a traffic violation.
  • What does bail amount mean on a traffic ticket?
    • It is the total financial amount needed to close your case. If you are able to pay the full bail or ticket amount, a court case will not be necessary. Your case will be close and you will be free to go. 
  • What happens if I don’t pay a traffic ticket on time? 
    • Several things can happen. If you fail to pay or show up to court, the penalties and fines can significantly increase. The court may also choose to report you to the Secretary of State as well as issue a warrant for your arrest and suspend your license.
Traffic Bail Assistance for Traffic Arrests

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