What Happens If I Miss Court?

Photo of courtYou may be going about your normal daily tasks hen it dawns on you; Today was your court date. If possible, make it to the court as quickly as you can to be there for your case. It can be a tricky situation when you have a missed date on your hands. When the judge calls your name, if you are not present to answer, you will be listed as “called and failed.” However, now that this has happened, what can you expect? 

Missing Court

Always Try To Make It To Court

It is highly important to make it to court when your date and time is scheduled. Firstly, if you want your case to be successful for you, showing up is important. This shows you value the court and judge’s time, as well as serious about your case. Contact your lawyer if you have missed the date once you realize what has happened. They can inform you to any major concerns about your case that may have developed from this.

Consequences Can Be Huge

They can also tell you if you have a warrant for your arrest. Depending on your crime, this can have severe consequences. If you do have a warrant, get all of your paperwork together and take care of it as soon as you are able. Check with the police department. Remember to keep your lawyer informed so they can assist.

Be Mindful And Reschedule

To prevent having to deal with a warrant, just mind your schedule. While there are always emergencies and unexpected situations that can come up, keep the date on the calendar. If a truly dire situation comes up and you will be unable to make it for your day in court, call ahead and reschedule.

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