What Happens After Bail?

While you might only be thinking about your freedom after getting out of jail, you still have a few requirements hanging over your head. Depending on the specifics of your case, these events may vary. However, if you’re wondering what happens after bail, here’s what you need to know.

You Cannot Skip Court

Keys in Jail Cell

Even after You Get Out of Jail, You Must Abide by the Conditions of Your Bail Bond

When you agree to a bail bond, you must abide by a variety of terms, most importantly: you must show up for your court date. This date is set by the court and can not be altered to fit your schedule. You might need to miss work or get a ride from someone to ensure you are there at the correct time.

If you fail to appear, you may be charged with an additional crime and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You will also forfeit the bond, meaning you are now liable for the full price of bail. Police or a bail enforcement agent will track you down, arrest you, and bring you back to jail where you will be held without bond until your next court date. If you put up any collateral when getting your bail bond, you may also lose it. Whatever you do, do not miss your court date!

You Must Comply with the Bail Bond

In addition to showing up in court, there are often other terms. This might include requirements such as not getting arrested again before your court date, or not leaving the state. These terms will depend on your individual circumstances. Be sure to go over these in detail with your bondsmen to avoid any accidental problems.

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