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Can You Get a DWI Off Your Record?

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Understanding DWI’s

Oklahoma state law offers some unique challenges for those trying to navigate the legal system. Legislation, especially those pertaining to drunk and impaired driving, is somewhat different from any other state. Today, we’ll take a look into some of the essential terminology you need understand. We’ll also discuss how you (or your loved one) can react if you come face to face with one of these traffic violations.

By the end, you should have a firmer grasp of DWI’s, DUI’s, and bail bonds. Let’s dive in!

Can a DWI be Taken Off Your Record?

Before we get started, we need to clear up some terminology. In Oklahoma, DWI stands for “driving while impaired”, and this is classified as a misdemeanor traffic violation. This can be very confusing for out of state drivers and Oklahoma residents alike as they search online. So make sure you don’t confuse this offense with DWI’s from other states (where it means “driving while intoxicated”, a more serious crime). We’ll clear up DUI’s later!

In situations where an individual has been convicted of a misdemeanor DWI for the first time, you can move to have your record expunged 5 years after sentencing. This is only possible if you have “no prior felonies or pending charges for other crimes.” DUI’s on the other hand, have more strict demands. To have a first time DUI expunged from your record, you have to meet these criteria:

  • You cannot have pending charges for another crime.
  • You cannot have been sentenced for a misdemeanor in the last 15 years.
  • You cannot have any previous felonies.
  • Ten years must have passed since the felony DUI sentencing.


How Much Does it Cost to Get a DWI Offer Your Record?

While some details of the case will be retained by the legislative system, expunging your record allows you to have most information removed from public access. Cleaning up your record, including arrests and court appearances, can greatly improve your insurance rates.

While having your court records expunged is free (assuming you qualify), having your arrest records will cost around $150. The lower insurance rates and better job opportunities are certainly worth the expense!


Can DWI Be Reduced?

While some states may prohibit reductions, Oklahoma does allow some DUI’s and DWI’s to be reduced to lower offenses. However, this is very rare for repeat offenders. If you or your loved one has a clean prior record (and an excellent attorney) however, you may try to get the charge reduced.

Bail Bonds for DWI & DUI

When an individual is arrested for a crime, they are first taken into police custody for processing. During this period, offers complete fingerprinting, questioning, and all related paperwork. Afterwards, police escort the person to a judge who sets the price of bail.

For those unfamiliar with the term, bail is the price a person must pay to stay out of lockup prior to their court appearances. Paying this cost offers several advantages to the accused individual, such as:

  • Continued ability to earn income
  • Ability to care for family members
  • Extra time to consult with a defense attorney

The amount hinges on the severity of the crime, the individual’s personal history (criminal, character, etc.), and potential flight risk. Because first time offenses are considered misdemeanors (with some exceptions), bail will generally be set at $5000 or below for DUI and DWI offenses.

How Much is Bail for DWI? Or DUI?

The bail bond price for DUI will reflect the more serious nature of the crime. As a result, bail may be set as high as $5,000 for the local judge. The full bail price may be beyond the means of the accused and their family, which is why many turn to a bail bonds service for assistance. Most bail bondsmen offer their services at 10% of the full price. With the help of a bonding agency, you could expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 to avoid pre-trail lockup. Expect DWI bail prices to fall somewhere in the lower end of that spectrum.

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What Happens if You Violate Bail?

Violating bail is always a bad idea. When a person pays bail but fails to show up to their court hearing or violates another condition of bail, the judge revokes their bail privileges and issues an arrest warrant. Any money paid for bail will be forfeited, and the individual will be charged with an additional crime (failing to appear). Once the suspect is arrested, they will be held in lockup until their scheduled court appearance.

If you or a loved one has need of local DUI or DWI bail bonds in , OK, contact our Thunder Bail Bonds office at 405.235.0002. We’re here to help with your DUI bail bond cost, and to help you continue earning income while you wait for your court appearances. With assistance from our bondsmen, you will take control of this stressful situation.