Felony Bonds

As long as your felony charge allows bail, Thunder Bail Bonds of OKC is here to help you secure a felony bond. Whethfelony bondser you have a warrant out for your arrest or not, we are here to help you get out of jail and prepare for your legal proceeding. Call (405) 235-0002 with all of your Oklahoma City, OK felony bonds questions, concerns and needs!

After you contact us at one of our three OKC area locations, you can begin your bail process and work toward paying off your bond!


What is a felony?

In Oklahoma, a felony is defined as a crime punishable by death or time in a state prison. These are heavier crimes with harsher sentences. There are felony drug charges, DUIs, domestic violence charges, and much more.

Felonies are considered higher crimes than misdemeanors, which is why they carry harsher punishments in and out of the court system.

Unlike some other states, Oklahoma does not have felony categories. For this reason, your penalty will depend on the specific charge you face. A few examples of felonies in Oklahoma are murder, rape, and possession of child pornography.

If you have a previous record of felony convictions, your punishment will be more severe under Oklahoma state law. Depending on your charge, you may lose the opportunity for parole or face more years in prison than you would if you commit your first offense.

Bondsmen You Can Trust

At Thunder Bail Bonds, we want you to feel comfortable coming to us with any questions you may have about Oklahoma City, OK felony bonds. We know the bail process is stressful, and our superior bondsmen will help you and your loved ones work through it together.

Other bondsmen may get you out of jail, but we go the extra mile with our customer service approach. We want to be able to post bond for you or your loved one at any time. That is why we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to work with you to find a payment plan and post-bail procedure that works for everyone involved. Call us at (405) 235-0002 to get started on your OKC felony bond today!