Assault and Battery Bonds

At Thunder Bail Bonds, we specialize in assault and battery bonds that can get you out of jail as soon as possible. Our professional bondsmen can help you or your loved one though the Oklahoma bail process, which can often be confusing to navigate alone. We are always honest and upfront with you about our bail bonds, and don’t want you to make any uninformed decisions when it comes to your charges.

If you or your loved one has been arrested on an assault and battery charge in the Oklahoma City, OK area, give Thunder Bail Bonds a call at (405) 235-0002!

About The Charges

Although assault and battery are two individual charges, some people in Oklahoma are also charged with both at the same time. Whatever combination of the two on your charge, as long as you are eligible for bail, we can help get you out of jail.

Assault is the threat or attempt of physical harm on another person. “Threat” assault and battery bondsis defined by action only, not words alone. Drawing back your fist, for example, could land you with an assault charge. Assault is usually considered a misdemeanor under Oklahoma law.

Battery is intentionally physically harming another person. An assault and battery charge, in the first instance, is considered a misdemeanor in Oklahoma. Multiple instances of these charges or aggravated charges can become felonies. The charge becomes aggravated if the battery causes significant injury to the other person or the battery was carried out by an able-bodied person against an elderly or disabled person.

Superior Assault and Battery Bonds Services

Thunder Bail Bonds knows that getting arrested can rank among the most stressful and least pleasant experiences of your life. That is why we provide courteous, non-judgmental bail bonds services. Unlike other bondsmen, we go beyond the call of duty to stay updated on your case and make sure you’re following the terms of your bail. We want to get you out of jail and back to work so you can focus on your upcoming legal proceedings.

Let Thunder Bail Bonds help get you out of jail with our assault and battery bonds in Oklahoma City, OK. Call now at (405) 235-0002!