Know Your Rights

If you’re new to the bail process, you may wonder how it works and what rights you have. Even when you get arrested, the United States Bill of Rights guarantees you certain rights. If you have questions about your right to non-excessive bail, call Thunder Bail Bonds at (405) 235-0002. Our helpful bail bondsman would be happy to help you understand the bail process.

The Eighth Amendment

The United States Constitution protects certain rights concerning the criminal justice system, including bail. Although some defendants are not eligible for bail (those charged with murder, rape, child abuse, and other particularly horrible crimes), those who are eligible must be granted a reasonable bail amount thanks to the Eighth Amendment.

As the Constitution states, “Excessive bail shall not be required…” What, though, defines “excessive?” The courts have determined that the bail amount must not be excessive compared to the level of crime the defendant has been charged with. This is why some crimes do not allow bail. For those crimes considered too serious for bail, defendants must remain in jail until their court date. Such crimes usually include violent crimes, crimes against children, and even less serious crimes if the offender has an extensive criminal history.

However, just because bail is not excessive does not mean it is easily affordable. If you need help paying bail in Oklahoma City, OK, contact Thunder Bail Bonds. Our professional and courteous bail bondsmen are well versed in the Oklahoma statutes and laws concerning bail. Our staff can help you understand and navigate the confusion and stress of an arrest. If you have questions about your rights concerning bail, call us 24 hours a day at (405) 235-0002.

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