Oklahoma Bail Process

The Oklahoma bail process in Oklahoma City, OK can be tricky and tiring to navigate. Luckily, Thunder Bail Bonds is here with convenient OKC locations to help with all your questions and concerns. We will walk you through this process so you can get out of jail as soon as possible and prepare for the legal process ahead of you. If you need a bail bond, don’t hesitate to call us at (405) 235-0002!

In Oklahoma, the bail process begins when you’re arrested or when a warrant is issued for your arrest.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, even this early in the process, you can call us at (405) 235-0002. One of our expert bondsmen can set up a “walk-thru” so you don’t have to go through the trouble of an arrest. Rather, you’ll simply surrender yourself to the jail for booking (fingerprints, mug shots, background check, etc) so you can be eligible for the preliminary bail set at the time of the warrant. This is the quickest way to get out of jail on bond.

The preliminary bail amount is not set in stone. It can change once you’re officially charged with a crime after your arrest or walk-thru.

If you’re arrested, you’ll see a judge for the first time after your arrest and booking, which is called an arraignment. This is the point when your bond is set. Contact us as soon as you know your bond amount so we can help you through the Oklahoma bail process!

oklahoma bail process

How Much Will My Bail Be?

Under the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, you are almost always eligible for bail as an American citizen. The Eight Amendment also ensures this bond amount must be reasonable for the crime you are accused of committing.

The amount of your (the Defendant’s) bond is determined by a few different factors. First, most obviously, the severity of the crime they are charged with. A misdemeanor, for example, will receive a lower bond than a felony. The criminal record is a factor. Your work and employment history is also a factor, as well as the Defendant’s community involvement and how long they’ve lived in the jurisdiction. Finally, the likelihood of them causing harm while out on bail, or fleeing the jurisdiction, is the last.

If your Oklahoma City, OK bail is higher than you believe it should be based on these factors, there is hope. You are eligible to try to reduce your bail amount once you have been assigned (or yourself arranged) counsel. Your lawyer will then get the opportunity to explain reasons why your bail should be reduced. You can also appeal your bond amount if new facts or circumstances emerge about your case. However, since most judges tend to stand by the original bail amount, this is rare.

Although this is an unlikely occurrence, you may be awarded a personal recognizance bond for a nonviolent misdemeanor charge. Or, if you have medical conditions that will worsen while you’re in custody, the judge may grant you a O.R. bond. Visit our FAQ to learn more about these bonds.

In some high-stakes cases, the Defendant is not awarded bail. The judge makes this decision based on a Defendant’s fleeing a jurisdiction in the past, getting charged with other crimes while out on bail or being charged in serious crimes with penalties like life imprisonment or death, such as murder.

How Do I Get Out Of Jail In Oklahoma City, OK?

First, in order to get out on bond in the Oklahoma bail process, you’ll pay a fee, typically 10% of your bail amount, to the bondsman. This fee may be higher or lower depending on the bondsman’s judgement of the defendant’s liability. You will also need a co-signer who can vouch for you and pay the bond if you are unable to. Collateral is an additional way to pay the bondsman if you do not end up paying your bond. The collateral is normally a cash payment, but it can also be personal property or a mortgage.

Just as the bail amount can change after law enforcement collaborates with the judge after your arrest, the bond amount can change. If it goes up, the Defendant is responsible for paying the difference, still under the 10% rate the bondsman sets. 

After you and your cosigner strike an agreement, the bondsman will go to the jail, post your bond, and get you out of jail, which could take 4-12 hours after the bail is posted. Keep in mind that unless you have a bondsman schedule a “walk-thru,” you’ll have to be processed into the jail before you can post bond. This can take days. Depending on the crowding a the jail and other factors, while we may work at top speed, the county may take its time.

Once the Defendant is released, they’ll meet with the bondsman to sign their part of the bond agreement and the bondsman will set conditions for their release. At this point in the Oklahoma bail process in Oklahoma City, OK, you’re able to go home.

What Happens After I Get Out On Bond?

Once you’re out on bond in the Oklahoma bail process, you’re not free to do whatever you want. You can usually go back to work, see your family and prepare for the legal process ahead of you. However, your bail bondsman now becomes your jailer, in a sense. Their rules are more relaxed than a jail’s would be, but they will have strict guidelines you must follow while you pay off your bond amount.

Usually, the Oklahoma City, OK bondsman will require you to meet with them personally once per week. You can usually only leave the jurisdiction with their permission. Obviously, you’ll have to agree to pay the bondsman on-time for anything you owe. You’ll also be required to let them know if your contact information changes.

While you are out of jail, your bondsman is liable for your ability to follow the conditions of your release. If you break your agreement with the bondsman and they no longer feel they can trust you to keep to these conditions, they will bring you back to jail. They will not refund your money due to your liability while you are out of jail under their watch.

The bondsman is no longer liable for you once disposition is reached on your case or if you are arrested in another jurisdiction. At this point, you no longer need to check in with the bondsman.

With our convenient locations, Thunder Bail Bonds is here to help you work through the Oklahoma bail process in Oklahoma City, OK. We know it can be difficult and stressful to be arrested, but we are here to provide you with quick, courteous services without judgement. Give us a call at (405) 235-0002 for any bail needs and we can get you or your loved one out of jail as fast as possible!