Kunta Kenta Griffith, Escapee, Recaptured at Oklahoma County Jail

An Oklahoma County inmate was recaptured Tuesday afternoon, May 24, 2016, after he walked out of the jail Sunday, May 22, 2016, subsequently escaping from custody. Kunta Kenta Griffith, 39, was captured by the Oklahoma County sheriff’s warrant team. He was arrested on a complaint of escape from a penal institution. He was able to blend in with other inmates who only serve weekends.

KuntaGriffithIt was said that the weekend inmates along with Griffith were being taken to the releasing area of the jail to change clothes. Surveillance video from the releasing area shows Griffith grabbing a bag of clothes and changing into the clothes. Griffith left the facility without being released or bonded out.

Griffith was being held after an arrest by Oklahoma City police on a weapons charge. According to his record with the Department of Corrections, Griffith’s criminal convictions date back to 1995; which include multiple drug, weapons, and assault charges. The warrant for Griffith’s arrest says he is a known member of the “Inglewood Family Gangster Blood.”

Sheriff Whetsel spoke up on the issue and said there were at least two “fail safes” that should have prevented the escape. “He should not have been able to get out, but like I said before we had two employees who didn’t do their jobs,” Whetsel told Fox 25, “We’re not accepting excuses and that’s why I stand here before you today and say we screwed up.”

The events leading up to his escape are still under investigation by the sheriff’s department. This in turn questions the capabilities of the men who were on duty when Griffith escaped to do their job as security. How he was able to fool these men with little effort will remain in many people’s minds as they move forward with different measures of security.  Also under scrutiny is Sheriff John Whetsel as he is the person responsible for hiring the employees and maintaining safe guards against something like this occurring.