Jail Experience for Men in Oklahoma County Jail

The Oklahoma County Jail conditions in 2004 were bleak and nothing was being done to fix the mistakes in the building process. Since 2004, the United States Department of Justice has entered the fray and attempted to make the jail better, but there is only so much that can be done. The poor design places every person in the building in danger of being hurt. The design lead to security cameras being placed where views are obstructed. These hidden areas are often located in the cell block, better known at the jail as a “pod”. The design gives different individuals an opportunity to hide activities from the jail staff and occasionally leads to violent altercations in the county jail without the authorities being able to view what took place. These poor design flaws have led to individuals being murdered in the jail.

Oklahoma County Jail

Oklahoma County Jail

The jail also doesn’t have the necessary healthcare in place. It was made public that the jail failed to pay the medical bills for the jail. This type of attitude to the general health of humans leads to all kinds of issues with medical care. Often the unhealthy conditions lead to outbreaks of diseases and a common infection can lead to something more than the normal everyday sickness. The individuals in the jail often complain about how minor aches and pains are too commonly overlooked and believe that they would get better health if they were an animal.

Some of the disturbing conditions are bed bugs. The sleeping mats and blankets are used over and over again at the jail. These necessary items are not cleaned like someone would their own items. The jail makes taking a shower almost impossible. The ineffective leadership often times do not provide warm water to the individuals. This causes germs to spread and the individuals locked up to smell terrible and unhealthy. Also, toilets and sinks will back up in the Oklahoma County jail. It is not uncommon to have sewage in the cells.

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Moreover, the jail is overcrowded. Most counties and states develop jails with the idea that they have the capacity for a certain amount of people. In Oklahoma County, the common sense approach to housing the right amount of individuals has never been present. The jail will often stick three people in a two person cell forcing in most cases the smallest or weakest individual to sleep on the floor next to the sink or the toilet. This leads to animosity and fights among the inmates.

Finally, the food leaves a great deal to be desired. The jail’s kitchen was shut down for weeks in 2014 for major repairs and there are stories of the jail cleaning pots, pans, and trays in the jail parking lot and forcing food down the drains in the parking lots. This led to food ending up in the Oklahoma River. There’s nothing more demoralizing than living in a cramped jail cell with buds, germs, and other unsanitary conditions while being in danger waiting for a court date.

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