How much does a bail bond cost in Oklahoma?

The normal fee an Oklahoma City bail bondsman will charge for his or her services is a premium of 10% of the bail amount. For example, if the bond is $1,000.00, a person pays the bondsman $100.00; however this may be slightly higher or lower depending on the liability assessment conducted by the bail bondsman. Bondsmen in Oklahoma have to take many factors into consideration when deciding whether to write a bond and how much they are willing to charge to accept the liability that comes along with writing the bond.

The premium is charged on the preliminary bond amount, but it will also be charged on the final bond amount if the bond amount increases. Bond amounts can change for many reasons, such as when the charges change or if a person fails to appear in court. The bail bondsman charges the fee on the total bail bond amount and the person out on bond is responsible for the difference.

So, if the preliminary bail amount was set at $1,000.00, and the bondsman received a premium of 10% or $100.00, but the final bond amount increased to $2,000.00 later, then the Defendant would be charged 10% on $2,000.00. But since the Defendant had already given the bondsman $100.00 previously in this example, then the Defendant would only be responsible for the difference of $100.00. If the Defendant does not want to pay the additional premium, the bondsman may return the defendant to jail (most bail bondsman will let you make payments if need be as long as you are following the guidelines set by the bail bondsman).