The Most Common Crimes in the U.S.

Common Crimes

Theft-Related Crimes Represent the Majority of Common Crimes in the U.S.

An arrest is never a positive experience. Your life gets interrupted, and you become subject to the will of the state. Generally speaking, most people will never get arrested. The secret to this, of course, is to not commit any crimes. You may find yourself wondering about the most common crimes in the country. Surprisingly enough, they are probably not what you expect.

Larceny and Burglary

Theft-related crimes occupy the top spot on the most common crimes in the country. Larceny represents the theft of personal property, and is by far the most frequently reported crime. With more than 7 million cases per year, it accounts for 60 percent of all reported crimes. Burglary involves the unlawful entrance of a property, and is closely related to larceny. Burglary accounts for 18 percent of all reported crimes, with 2 million instances annually.

Theft of a Motor Vehicle

Stolen cars represent big business for criminals. With more than a million vehicles stolen every year, theft of a motor vehicle represents 10 percent of all crime. To prevent this happening to you, make sure to park your car in a well-lit, secure area.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault characterizes a physical attack with the intent to render grave injury to someone. It can involve a weapon, though it may not. Aggravated assault represents 7 percent of every crime reported in the U.S.

Now that you know the most common reported crimes, you can both protect yourself and avoid the performance of these activities. If you ever are arrested in , OK, give Thunder Bail Bonds a call at 405.235.0002.