The Most Common Bail Bond Types That People Use

The Most Common Bail Bond Types That People Use

Learn About the Most Common Bail Bond Types.

It’s common knowledge that many people are unfamiliar with how the bail bond process works. Couple that with the different types of bail bonds, and people start to get overwhelmed. Not to worry, though! Knowing the most common bail bond types can help you determine which bond you should get for your or someone you loves situation.

Recognizance Release

This is when a person is released based on a signed document stating they will appear before the court on their assigned court date. Failure to appear in court will result in paying a fee.

Cash Bond

Cash bail, as the name states, is bail that you pay in cash. Any bail can be paid in cash, as long as you have the money to put up. There are some instances where you can only pay cash for a particular bond; usually, this is when a crime is really severe and there is a risk of the person running off.

Surety Bond

This is one of the most common bail bond types that people use. A surety bond is a bail bond issued by a bail bondsman. You only have to put down between 10-20% of the bond amount in order to be released or to release someone from custody.

Property Bond

This is a type of bond where you use different possessions to pay the bail amount. People can put up their houses, cars, or land in order to secure the release of someone who needs to get out of jail.

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