What are the Benefits of using a Bail Bondsman?

At least three benefits of using a bail bondsman . . .

When you find yourself in jail, it can be a frightening situation for you and your family, especially if it is your first time being arrested. Since the legal system in the U.S. says you are innocent until proven guilty, most of the time you will have the opportunity to post bail and get out of jail while your case makes its way through the courts. There are a few benefits of using a bail bondsman from Thunder Bail Bonds in Oklahoma.

Benefit #1 – Save Money

Benefits of using a Bail BondsmanWhen you or a loved one is incarcerated, coming up with enough cash to bail them out in a short period of time may be impossible. Fortunately, a bail bondsman can help you by covering most of the cost up front. You will usually be required to pay a portion of the bail, and the bondsman will take responsibility for the rest of the money. So if the bond is $10,000 they would charge, typically, 10%. The fee is normally due up front but it avoids you from having to come up with so much cash all at one time.

But if the person bailed out of jail does not show up for the court date, the court will need the full $10,000 you will have to pay the full amount (plus any applicable interest and fees) to the bail bonds company.

Benefit #2 – Understand the Legal System

Working with an experienced bail bonds company can help you navigate through this difficult situation. A company like Thunder Bail Bonds understands how to get out of jail, and can provide accurate information about the bail bond process, how long it will take, and what steps are necessary to keep the process moving. A quality bail bondsman also understands the current laws and policies regarding the legal system, and can help keep you informed of what is required so that you can get out of jail sooner than normal and stay on the right track once released.

Benefit #3 – Honest, Trustworthy, Confidential Help

Going to jail and getting bail money is not something a lot people want to showcase, so confidentiality is very critical when working with a bail bondsman. In addition, you want to work with someone who is honest and trustworthy. To protect yourself, look for a company that has fair and reasonable fees, policies, and procedures to protect you as a consumer.

When a situation arises where you or a loved one is in jail, call a company that can provide you with experience and knowledge of how the bail bond system works, cost-effective plans for making payments for your bail bonds, and one that is honest and trustworthy to help you get through this difficult time. Ware committed to helping you access all the benefits of using a bail bondsman in a way that is always timely, professional and courteous.

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