How Does Bail Process Work?

In Oklahoma, the bail process begins earlier than you might expect, specifically once a warrant is out for your arrest or if you are indeed arrested. This can be an unexpected set of circumstances, taking you and your loved ones by surprise. You may not know when you can in fact reach out for bail. Thankfully, because this process starts out so early in the situation, you can always reach out to a bondsman to get the ball rolling. If you discover you have a warrant, you may be able to identify your preliminary bail earlier. If you are arrested, you will have to go before a judge. Bail is determined by the judge after considering a few factors:

  • The Severity and Type Of The Crime (ie. Juvenile Crime, Felony, Misdemeanor)
  • Your Record
  • Your Ties To The Community and Employment
  • If You Are A Flight Risk

Contacting a bondsman can allow them to identify the bail amount if preset or get to work on your bail once the judge has made the call. Your bondsman will work with you to cover the bond and find an agreement which will include the fee you need to pay. Once resolved, you will be free to plan for your day in court.

How Long Does Bail Process Take?

Arrested and needing help

Knowing The Bail Process Can Help With YOur Situation.

The bail process can take longer or shorter amounts of time pending on the person and the case. This is due to arraignment, booking, cooperation and more. However, if you contact a bondsman and attorney ahead of time, or as quickly as possible, they can help by expediting certain parts of the legal process by working with you and law enforcement. Need a bondsman for your case? Thunder Bail Bonds is always available to assist you. Give us a call today at (405) 235-0002!