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Getting Arrested on Christmas

Christmas and the holidays are times for joy and family, for most people. Once in awhile, something goes wrong. If someone close to you is arrested on Christmas, it can be emotionally devastating and scary. You may feel overwhelmed by these feelings. You can overcome the situation, however, if you stay calm and take moving through the legal process one step at a time.

The Process

Man in Handcuffs Holding Santa Hat

Getting Arrested on Christmas is No Small Thing.

If someone you know is arrested on Christmas and it’s up to you to bail them out, you may consider letting them stay there until the holiday is over. This might be because you don’t want to leave your family and celebrations, or because you’re angry. However, jail is a scary place and you probably don’t want to leave your loved one there. Plus, that person will have to be present in court, usually within a few days. This means that, if they stay there, they will miss days of work and other obligations, which may only cause more problems. Try to remain calm as you go through the process of bailing your loved one out.

Contact the booking officer and get the details of what happened, and what will happen next. Then, take the information to your bail bondsman immediately. You should not have trouble arranging bail, just make sure you know what type of bail you need to pursue. Hopefully, you will be able to get your loved one out soon. Remember, once you do this, you are responsible for making sure that person shows up for any assigned court date.

Getting arrested on Christmas is no easy thing to endure for anyone involved. You and your loved one can survive it though. When you need help with bonds trust Thunder Bail Bonds. Call us at (405) 235-0002 for bail bond services in Oklahoma City, OK.

The Most Common Bail Bond Types That People Use

The Most Common Bail Bond Types That People Use

Learn About the Most Common Bail Bond Types.

It’s common knowledge that many people are unfamiliar with how the bail bond process works. Couple that with the different types of bail bonds, and people start to get overwhelmed. Not to worry, though! Knowing the most common bail bond types can help you determine which bond you should get for your or someone you loves situation.

Recognizance Release

This is when a person is released based on a signed document stating they will appear before the court on their assigned court date. Failure to appear in court will result in paying a fee.

Cash Bond

Cash bail, as the name states, is bail that you pay in cash. Any bail can be paid in cash, as long as you have the money to put up. There are some instances where you can only pay cash for a particular bond; usually, this is when a crime is really severe and there is a risk of the person running off.

Surety Bond

This is one of the most common bail bond types that people use. A surety bond is a bail bond issued by a bail bondsman. You only have to put down between 10-20% of the bond amount in order to be released or to release someone from custody.

Property Bond

This is a type of bond where you use different possessions to pay the bail amount. People can put up their houses, cars, or land in order to secure the release of someone who needs to get out of jail.

If you need bail bond assistance in Oklahoma City, OK, Call Thunder Bail Bonds at (405) 235-0002 today.

How to Achieve Probation Success

Probation Success

To Succeed on Probation and Preserve Your Freedom, Follow These Simple Guidelines.

Probation represents a great opportunity for anyone convicted of a crime. Instead of sitting in jail, you can return to society, hold down a job, and spend time with family. Of course, probation comes with many restrictions and requirements. If you fail to live up to the agreement, you can find yourself back in jail. To achieve probation success, follow these guidelines.

Keep Appointments

Whether it’s a court date or meeting with your probation supervisor, you must make an effort to keep all of your appointments. Though free from jail, you remain under community supervision. This means you must be accountable for your time, and never miss an agreed upon date.

Stay Clean

Most terms of probation come with a drug testing requirement. Whether these tests are random or scheduled, you must pass them to avoid a probation violation. This means you should avoid the use of all illegal drugs, as most of them remain detectable through hair analysis for 90 days. If you were arrested for an alcohol-related offense, you can expect testing for that substance as well.

Fulfill Obligations

Similar to the necessity of your appointments, you will have obligations that the court orders you to fulfill. Community service represents a common one, as do classes. Additionally, alcohol-related offenses may come with a requirement for AA attendance.

At Thunder Bail Bonds, we want you to succeed on probation. If you fail to achieve probation success in Oklahoma City, OK, you can rely on us for a bail bond. If you or someone you know ever becomes arrested, give us a call immediately at __PHONE__.

Assault vs Domestic Violence

Victim of Domestic Violence

Any Person With a Family or Spousal Relationship To The Victim Would Fall Under Domestic Offender

If you have been arrested for domestic violence in Oklahoma, you may be confused about what constitutes this offense in contrast to a more general assault charge. If you require bail for your violent offense, Thunder Bail Bonds offers domestic violence bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK. To get a better understand about assault vs domestic violence offenses, check out the distinctions below:

The domestic offender must have one of the following relationships with the domestic victim:

  • Blood or Marriage Relative
  • Current or Former Spouse
  • Former / Current Housemate
  • Former Spouse of Victim’s Current Spouse
  • Foster Parent
  • Parent
  • Parent of Victim’s Child
  • Partner / Dating

If the relationship is merely an acquaintance or a “friend of a friend” it would most likely fall under assault rather than domestic abuse. To learn more about domestic violence in Oklahoma, check out the state’s domestic violence awareness guide.

Penalties for Domestic Abuse

Review the following penalties:

  • First Conviction: Up to 1 year imprisonment and / or a fine up to $5,000
  • Subsequent Conviction: Up to 4 year imprisonment and / or fine up to $5,000

In addition, victims are eligible to request a restraining order against their respective offender, which can give the offender increased legal motivation to stay away. While it doesn’t protect the victim in the same way that a conviction and imprisonment would, it adds a legal measure that can move towards a later conviction. Call (405) 235-0002 for domestic violence bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK.

Can My Bail Bondsman Put Me In Jail If I Miss My Monthly Payments?

bail bonds

If you ever have questions about your bail bond, give us a call!

If you’ve recently made bail with the help of a bail bondsman, you likely have many questions. One that we hear fairly often, is, “Can My Bail Bondsman Put Me In Jail If I Miss My Monthly Payments?

Simply put, no. If you are late on your credit card payments, your credit card company cannot put you in jail, and the same applies to your bail bonds. However, if you are more than 30 days past due, they can report you to the credit reporting agencies, which can impact your credit score. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to make your monthly payment, your best option is to call and speak with your bondsman. We’re people too, and more often than not, we can find ways to work with you until you get back on your feet.

If you have recently made bail with the help of a bondsman, and you skip out on your court date, that is a different story. In that type of situation, a warrant is put out for your arrest, and you are liable for the full amount of the bail. If you find yourself with a warrant for your arrest, or if you are in need of assistance making bail in Oklahoma City, OK, give us a call today at (405) 235-0002

Facts about Traffic Tickets

Unpaid tickets bondsMostly everyone has received a traffic ticket at some point in their lives. Unpaid traffic tickets are one of the easiest violations to lose track of as they begin to pile up. Whether it’s a simple parking violation or a more serious DUI charge, Thunder Bail Bonds can help you with unpaid tickets bonds. If you are uncertain about the specifics of traffic tickets, check out these facts below:

Fines and Penalties

If you were issued a traffic ticket in Oklahoma, it should clearly display the total fine amount. For more serious violations, you may see your drivers license immediately suspended. Additionally, if you accumulate enough driving record points, you will suffer the same result. The assignment of driver points can also affect your auto insurance rates, and cost you money in that way.

Pleading Not Guilty

If you object to one or more of your traffic tickets, you must appear in court on the assigned date and plead “not guilty”. The best way to handle your court date is to hire a lawyer who specializes in traffic tickets. Attending a hearing by yourself is an option, but not one that usually translates to positive results.

Commercial Drivers

The penalties for commercial drivers are even more stiff than otherwise. Your license will be immediately suspended in the following circumstances:

  • Driving With Suspended License
  • Driving Under The Influence
  • Leaving an Accident Involving Your Vehicle
  • Refusal of Sobriety Test
  • Vehicular Homicide

If you are looking for unpaid tickets bonds in Oklahoma City, OK, give us a call at (405) 235-0002

Understanding the Eighth Amendment

At Thunder Bail Bonds, your rights are important to us. Are you looking for a bail bond in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? If so, one thing you should understand is your Eighth Amendment rights. You are entitled to protection from cruel and unusual punishment as an American citizen. Thunder Bail Bonds is here to help. Law enforcement officials are constitutionally required to uphold your rights. They may not assign excessive bail or fines. Learn your rights and contact Thunder Bail Bonds.

What Inspired the Eighth Amendment?

Research of Eighth Amendment

Your Eighth Amendment rights are important at Thunder Bail Bonds

The Eighth Amendment was added to Bill of Rights for a number of reasons. First, to prevent law enforcement from imposing financial penalties that the perpetrator could not possibly meet. Second, as a way from protecting against unfair judges who might choose an excessive penalty, one that does not fit an acceptable punishment for the crime committed.

This protection has been part of America since 1791. Anybody who questions your Eighth Amendment rights is uneducated in American history. Its inspiration dates back to pre-revolution British practices that imposed extremely unfair punishments on people who did not possess the resources to accommodate the monarchy.

You will find the line “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed” to be most relevant. If you believe you have a warrant out for you arrest in Oklahoma City, contact us today at (405) 235-0002 and we can verify this for you. If a warrant is, in fact, out for your arrest, we can help you with the next steps in the process.

How to Conduct Yourself in Jail

jail rules

A few general rules of conduct can serve you well in jail.

If you’ve never been to jail but just caught a sentence, you likely feel stressed out and nervous. This makes sense, as jail does not exist to inspire feelings of excitement. If you have nightmares of harassment, hazing, and assault, rest easy: for the vast majority of prisoners, boredom represents the most dangerous thing about jail. Regardless of the length of your stay, a few basic jail rules of conduct will serve you well.

Check Your Attitude

Nothing provides less of a benefit or serves less purpose than a bad attitude while in jail. Regardless of who you impress on the outside, no one will put up with it while you remain incarcerated. Corrections officers will brook no disrespect, and have plenty of ways to make your life miserable. As for other inmates, here’s a general rule of thumb: respect might not buy you any favors, but disrespect will land you in a heap of trouble.

Make Friends, But Avoid Groups

It’s perfectly okay and natural to form friendships while in jail. Avoid any group dynamics, however, as they get you embroiled in drama. The vast majority of violence in prisons and jails happens because of group retaliations. If you avoid the groups, you can generally avoid the violence.

Practice Cleanliness

Throughout your stay, the jail becomes your home. It also provides a home for all the other inmates. If you do not pick up after yourself, or willfully create a mess, then you have disrespected another individual’s home. The same goes for personal hygiene. Practice the basics so you do not make a nuisance of yourself.

Do Not Accept Favors

You never want to become beholden to another inmate, as you never know when (or how) they will call in repayment. If you run into a problem, handle it on your own. Self-sufficiency stands as a valuable trait in any setting, and becomes even more so in jail or prison.

While there are many more “rules” to safe conduct while incarcerated, these four jail rules serve as a valid starting point. At the end of the day, practice common sense and self-awareness. Between these two, you won’t make jail fun; but you can at least make it bearable.

Want to get out of jail quicker in Oklahoma City? Post bail. Contact the experts at Thunder Bail Bonds at (405) 235-0002 to learn more.


What Happens After Bail?

While you might only be thinking about your freedom after getting out of jail, you still have a few requirements hanging over your head. Depending on the specifics of your case, these events may vary. However, if you’re wondering what happens after bail, here’s what you need to know.

You Cannot Skip Court

Keys in Jail Cell

Even after You Get Out of Jail, You Must Abide by the Conditions of Your Bail Bond

When you agree to a bail bond, you must abide by a variety of terms, most importantly: you must show up for your court date. This date is set by the court and can not be altered to fit your schedule. You might need to miss work or get a ride from someone to ensure you are there at the correct time.

If you fail to appear, you may be charged with an additional crime and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You will also forfeit the bond, meaning you are now liable for the full price of bail. Police or a bail enforcement agent will track you down, arrest you, and bring you back to jail where you will be held without bond until your next court date. If you put up any collateral when getting your bail bond, you may also lose it. Whatever you do, do not miss your court date!

You Must Comply with the Bail Bond

In addition to showing up in court, there are often other terms. This might include requirements such as not getting arrested again before your court date, or not leaving the state. These terms will depend on your individual circumstances. Be sure to go over these in detail with your bondsmen to avoid any accidental problems.

If you have more questions about what happens after bail, contact Thunder Bail Bonds at (405) 235-0002! Our experienced bondsmen are happy to help you with bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK!

What Happens If I Miss Court?

Photo of courtYou may be going about your normal daily tasks hen it dawns on you; Today was your court date. If possible, make it to the court as quickly as you can to be there for your case. It can be a tricky situation when you have a missed date on your hands. When the judge calls your name, if you are not present to answer, you will be listed as “called and failed.” However, now that this has happened, what can you expect? 

Missing Court

Always Try To Make It To Court

It is highly important to make it to court when your date and time is scheduled. Firstly, if you want your case to be successful for you, showing up is important. This shows you value the court and judge’s time, as well as serious about your case. Contact your lawyer if you have missed the date once you realize what has happened. They can inform you to any major concerns about your case that may have developed from this.

Consequences Can Be Huge

They can also tell you if you have a warrant for your arrest. Depending on your crime, this can have severe consequences. If you do have a warrant, get all of your paperwork together and take care of it as soon as you are able. Check with the police department. Remember to keep your lawyer informed so they can assist.

Be Mindful And Reschedule

To prevent having to deal with a warrant, just mind your schedule. While there are always emergencies and unexpected situations that can come up, keep the date on the calendar. If a truly dire situation comes up and you will be unable to make it for your day in court, call ahead and reschedule.

Do you need warrant walkthrough in Oklahoma City, OK? Call Thunder Bail Bonds today at (405) 235-0002.