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Understanding the Eighth Amendment

At Thunder Bail Bonds, your rights are important to us. Are you looking for a bail bond in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? If so, one thing you should understand is your Eighth Amendment rights. You are entitled to protection from cruel and unusual punishment as an American citizen. Thunder Bail Bonds is here to help. Law enforcement officials are constitutionally required to uphold your rights. They may not assign excessive bail or fines. Learn your rights and contact Thunder Bail Bonds.

What Inspired the Eighth Amendment?

Research of Eighth Amendment

Your Eighth Amendment rights are important at Thunder Bail Bonds

The Eighth Amendment was added to Bill of Rights for a number of reasons. First, to prevent law enforcement from imposing financial penalties that the perpetrator could not possibly meet. Second, as a way from protecting against unfair judges who might choose an excessive penalty, one that does not fit an acceptable punishment for the crime committed.

This protection has been part of America since 1791. Anybody who questions your Eighth Amendment rights is uneducated in American history. Its inspiration dates back to pre-revolution British practices that imposed extremely unfair punishments on people who did not possess the resources to accommodate the monarchy.

You will find the line “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed” to be most relevant. If you believe you have a warrant out for you arrest in Oklahoma City, contact us today at (405) 235-0002 and we can verify this for you. If a warrant is, in fact, out for your arrest, we can help you with the next steps in the process.

How to Conduct Yourself in Jail

jail rules

A few general rules of conduct can serve you well in jail.

If you’ve never been to jail but just caught a sentence, you likely feel stressed out and nervous. This makes sense, as jail does not exist to inspire feelings of excitement. If you have nightmares of harassment, hazing, and assault, rest easy: for the vast majority of prisoners, boredom represents the most dangerous thing about jail. Regardless of the length of your stay, a few basic jail rules of conduct will serve you well.

Check Your Attitude

Nothing provides less of a benefit or serves less purpose than a bad attitude while in jail. Regardless of who you impress on the outside, no one will put up with it while you remain incarcerated. Corrections officers will brook no disrespect, and have plenty of ways to make your life miserable. As for other inmates, here’s a general rule of thumb: respect might not buy you any favors, but disrespect will land you in a heap of trouble.

Make Friends, But Avoid Groups

It’s perfectly okay and natural to form friendships while in jail. Avoid any group dynamics, however, as they get you embroiled in drama. The vast majority of violence in prisons and jails happens because of group retaliations. If you avoid the groups, you can generally avoid the violence.

Practice Cleanliness

Throughout your stay, the jail becomes your home. It also provides a home for all the other inmates. If you do not pick up after yourself, or willfully create a mess, then you have disrespected another individual’s home. The same goes for personal hygiene. Practice the basics so you do not make a nuisance of yourself.

Do Not Accept Favors

You never want to become beholden to another inmate, as you never know when (or how) they will call in repayment. If you run into a problem, handle it on your own. Self-sufficiency stands as a valuable trait in any setting, and becomes even more so in jail or prison.

While there are many more “rules” to safe conduct while incarcerated, these four jail rules serve as a valid starting point. At the end of the day, practice common sense and self-awareness. Between these two, you won’t make jail fun; but you can at least make it bearable.

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What Happens After Bail?

While you might only be thinking about your freedom after getting out of jail, you still have a few requirements hanging over your head. Depending on the specifics of your case, these events may vary. However, if you’re wondering what happens after bail, here’s what you need to know.

You Cannot Skip Court

Keys in Jail Cell

Even after You Get Out of Jail, You Must Abide by the Conditions of Your Bail Bond

When you agree to a bail bond, you must abide by a variety of terms, most importantly: you must show up for your court date. This date is set by the court and can not be altered to fit your schedule. You might need to miss work or get a ride from someone to ensure you are there at the correct time.

If you fail to appear, you may be charged with an additional crime and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You will also forfeit the bond, meaning you are now liable for the full price of bail. Police or a bail enforcement agent will track you down, arrest you, and bring you back to jail where you will be held without bond until your next court date. If you put up any collateral when getting your bail bond, you may also lose it. Whatever you do, do not miss your court date!

You Must Comply with the Bail Bond

In addition to showing up in court, there are often other terms. This might include requirements such as not getting arrested again before your court date, or not leaving the state. These terms will depend on your individual circumstances. Be sure to go over these in detail with your bondsmen to avoid any accidental problems.

If you have more questions about what happens after bail, contact Thunder Bail Bonds at (405) 235-0002! Our experienced bondsmen are happy to help you with bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK!

What Happens If I Miss Court?

Photo of courtYou may be going about your normal daily tasks hen it dawns on you; Today was your court date. If possible, make it to the court as quickly as you can to be there for your case. It can be a tricky situation when you have a missed date on your hands. When the judge calls your name, if you are not present to answer, you will be listed as “called and failed.” However, now that this has happened, what can you expect? 

Missing Court

Always Try To Make It To Court

It is highly important to make it to court when your date and time is scheduled. Firstly, if you want your case to be successful for you, showing up is important. This shows you value the court and judge’s time, as well as serious about your case. Contact your lawyer if you have missed the date once you realize what has happened. They can inform you to any major concerns about your case that may have developed from this.

Consequences Can Be Huge

They can also tell you if you have a warrant for your arrest. Depending on your crime, this can have severe consequences. If you do have a warrant, get all of your paperwork together and take care of it as soon as you are able. Check with the police department. Remember to keep your lawyer informed so they can assist.

Be Mindful And Reschedule

To prevent having to deal with a warrant, just mind your schedule. While there are always emergencies and unexpected situations that can come up, keep the date on the calendar. If a truly dire situation comes up and you will be unable to make it for your day in court, call ahead and reschedule.

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Help! I Think There Is a Warrant for My Arrest!

Photo of warrantWarrants can be issued for many different reasons. These reasons can range from failure to show at court at an appointed day and time to being suspected of and under investigation for a crime. When you suspect a warrant may be out for your arrest, your first instinct may be to get out of dodge and skip town. However, this would be a huge mistake. 

Tips on How to Handle a Warrant

Step #1: Breathe.

Stop for a moment and just take a breath. If you suspect you have a warrant, there is no point panicking. Panicking and making snap decisions are how a great many complications are made. 

Step #2 Verify You Have a Warrant

Search the local police website for your arrest warrant. You can find it on the most wanted lists. This will tell you if you have cause for concern. You can also contact the courthouse. Calling the courthouse will also give you time to contact your attorney.

Step #3 Contact Your Attorney

Always contact your attorney after you have verified that you have an arrest warrant. Once you call them, your attorney can get to work getting all of the facts, including bail amount, and even help you through processing.

Step #4 Contact a Bondsman

Many arrest warrants have a predetermined bail set by the judge at the time of issue. Once you find the amount, contact a bondsman to help. They can work out your situation with you and help cover the bail amount.

Step #5 Turn Yourself In

Finally, turn yourself in. While this may sound like the exact opposite of everything you want to do, cooperating with the police will make the process quicker and less difficult for everyone. Bring your attorney and bondsman to expedite things. Doing so can get you in and out of the station quickly.

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Why You Should Use a Bail Bondsman

Getting arrested is often a stressful experience, and getting out of jail be even more exhausting. Make the process easier with a bail bondsman! If you want to get out of jail fast but can’t afford it, here are a few reasons why you should use a bail bondsman.

Saves You Money

bail bondsmanNo one wants to spend days or weeks in jail, but getting out fast can be difficult if you don’t have the money. Bail prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars and more. This price is not only determined by the crime you were charged with, but past offenses, your potential to flee, threat to others or yourself, and more.

By using a bail bondsman, you only need to pay a small portion of the cash bail amount. This is usually about 10 to 15 percent, which can help you afford other court fees, fines, etc.

Gets You Out Fast

A quality bail bondsman is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will get started on your bail bond as soon as you call. There’s not need to wait for checks to clear or funds to be made available. A bail bond can easily speed up the process and help get you out of jail sooner.


Concerned about confidentiality? Do you think bail bondsmen are shady or immoral because they deal with criminals? Bail agents are actually licensed by the government, so you can rest easy knowing that they have been properly inspected. Plus, a good bail bondsman does not judge his client based on their charges. He will help you navigate the stress and confusion of the bail process. You can count on your bail bondsman for confidentiality and respectful service from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a trusted bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, OK, call Thunder Bail Bonds at (405) 235-0002 today!

What To Do When Your Friend Gets Arrested

Do you know what to do when a friend calls and says they need you to bail them out of jail? If you’re with a friend and he or she gets arrested, how do you handle the situation? It’s important to know what to do in a high stress situation, so here are some tips for if a friend gets arrested.

First, Remain Calm!

friend gets arrestedWhether you are with your friend at the time of arrest or they call you, the most important thing is to stay calm. Don’t panic or respond with anger or fear. If you are with your friend when he or she gets arrested, remember to not interfere with your friend’s arrest. If you do, you could also be arrested and charged. Do not yell at, threaten, touch, or attack the arresting officer. You should also try to keep your friend calm to prevent further charges.

Get Information

To help you friend get out of jail, you will need some information. Make sure you know their first and last name, which jail they are being booked at, and their charges. More information is helpful, but if you don’t know the basics, don’t worry. Most bail agencies are happy to help you locate your loved one and get the needed information. Having the information on hand simply helps a bail bondsman get your paperwork done sooner.

Consider The Options

Depending on the charges your friend is facing, bailing them out may not be a problem. However, if you don’t have the money, you might consider a bail bond. For only a small percentage of the cash bail price, you can get your friend out of jail fast! At Thunder Bail Bonds, we work with speed and discretion to help you and your loved ones any way we can.

If your friend gets arrested and you need misdemeanor or felony bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK, call us day or night at (405) 235-0002.

How Bail Works In Oklahoma

The United States is one of the few countries that utilizes a bail bond system. Though the general process is similar in most states, there are some differences. Here is a brief guide to help you understand how bail works in Oklahoma.

After An Arrest

how bail works in OklahomaWhen you or a loved one gets arrested, you will be taken to the county jail for booking. You will be fingerprinted, have your mugshot taken, and asked for your personal information. You may be tested for alcohol or drugs if you were arrested for a DUI or DWI. At that point, based on your charges a preliminary bail will most likely be set for you. This is the price you must pay to get out of jail. However, the preliminary bail amount is subject to change at your hearing before a judge.

Bail Hearings

A bail hearing usually takes place within 48 hours of your arrest. If the jail is full, it may take longer. At your hearing, a judge will consider the misdemeanor or felony charges against you, your criminal history, danger to others, and your flight risk. Your flight risk is the likelihood of whether you will show up for your court date or flee.

Most states have a schedule or general set of guidelines for specific crimes and their corresponding bail amounts. However, these suggestions are subject to change based on each individual’s situation. Once the judge sets your final cash bail amount, you have a couple options. If you don’t pay bail, you will have to wait in jail until your court date. You can either pay the cash bail in full, or get help from a bail bondsman.

What does a Bail Bondsman do?

If you hire a bail bondsman, you do not have to pay the pull bail amount up front. Instead, you can pay a fraction of the total bail price and the bondsman will put up the remaining amount. This is usually about 10 percent. You will need to sign papers and may need to put up collateral such as a car title. Your bail bondsman will keep in touch with you about your court dates, which you must not miss. If you do, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you may be subject to more fines.

If you need help paying bail in Oklahoma or have questions about how bail works in Oklahoma, call Thunder Bail Bonds at (405) 235-0002!

No Bail…?

When Can Courts Deny Bail?

If the suspect does not appear for the scheduled court date, then the bail is forfeited. It is common in some cases for the bail money to be returned at the end of the trial, if the suspect makes all scheduled court appearances. The money is returned regardless of whether or not the suspect is found innocent or guilty if collateral or a cash bond is posted.

bail denied

Is there any evidence of flight risk?

Why Would a Court Deny Bail?

Some of the common reasons for bail denial are: numerous penal code violations, prior escape from prison, or if the judge believes the suspect is a flight risk and will not appear in court. After being arrested a suspect will remain in jail, until a judge reviews the case and decides on whether or not bail will be allowed and at what amount. Usually, the more severe the alleged crime is, the higher the bail amount will be. If the judge believes the suspect is a threat to society or a flight risk, then it is very likely that bail will be denied.

The Severity of the Crime

One of the first things a judge will look at when determining bail, is the nature and extent of the crime. Oftentimes, crimes already have a preset range of bail amounts (known as the assumptive bail rate) for the judge to consider. If a suspect is accused of murder, then under normal circumstances bail is automatically denied.

A judge may also deny bail, if the judge believes the defendant is a flight risk. It is always a good idea for everyone accused of a crime to have an attorney. If bail is possible, a defendant is more likely to be granted bail with an attorney present, who understands the law and is familiar with historical bail precedence. If a Judge denies bail on grounds of flight risk, then it is because of a significant reason.

Obvious Red Flags

There are certain red flags that a judge can see to believe that a defendant will not appear in court, if bail is granted.

  • The court or judge is told by a credible source the defendant will not appear.
  • The defendant is cantankerous towards the court.
  • The defendant has a prior history of missing court dates.
  • The nature of the crime is severe.
  • The person is not a U.S. citizen and may simply flee back to their homeland.
  • The defendant is an unsupervised person with mental impairment.

Unless the severity of the crime dictates that bail is not an option, the best thing to do to ensure that bail is granted is to assure the court, the judge, your attorney, and the prosecuting attorney that you have every desire and intent to return to court to stand trial on the appointed date.

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Jail Experience for Men in Oklahoma County Jail

The Oklahoma County Jail conditions in 2004 were bleak and nothing was being done to fix the mistakes in the building process. Since 2004, the United States Department of Justice has entered the fray and attempted to make the jail better, but there is only so much that can be done. The poor design places every person in the building in danger of being hurt. The design lead to security cameras being placed where views are obstructed. These hidden areas are often located in the cell block, better known at the jail as a “pod”. The design gives different individuals an opportunity to hide activities from the jail staff and occasionally leads to violent altercations in the county jail without the authorities being able to view what took place. These poor design flaws have led to individuals being murdered in the jail.

Oklahoma County Jail

Oklahoma County Jail

The jail also doesn’t have the necessary healthcare in place. It was made public that the jail failed to pay the medical bills for the jail. This type of attitude to the general health of humans leads to all kinds of issues with medical care. Often the unhealthy conditions lead to outbreaks of diseases and a common infection can lead to something more than the normal everyday sickness. The individuals in the jail often complain about how minor aches and pains are too commonly overlooked and believe that they would get better health if they were an animal.

Some of the disturbing conditions are bed bugs. The sleeping mats and blankets are used over and over again at the jail. These necessary items are not cleaned like someone would their own items. The jail makes taking a shower almost impossible. The ineffective leadership often times do not provide warm water to the individuals. This causes germs to spread and the individuals locked up to smell terrible and unhealthy. Also, toilets and sinks will back up in the Oklahoma County jail. It is not uncommon to have sewage in the cells.

See also, “Nurse says she still ‘has nightmares’ about working at one of America’s most notorious jails.”

Moreover, the jail is overcrowded. Most counties and states develop jails with the idea that they have the capacity for a certain amount of people. In Oklahoma County, the common sense approach to housing the right amount of individuals has never been present. The jail will often stick three people in a two person cell forcing in most cases the smallest or weakest individual to sleep on the floor next to the sink or the toilet. This leads to animosity and fights among the inmates.

Finally, the food leaves a great deal to be desired. The jail’s kitchen was shut down for weeks in 2014 for major repairs and there are stories of the jail cleaning pots, pans, and trays in the jail parking lot and forcing food down the drains in the parking lots. This led to food ending up in the Oklahoma River. There’s nothing more demoralizing than living in a cramped jail cell with buds, germs, and other unsanitary conditions while being in danger waiting for a court date.

For a fast release for you or your loved one from these horrible conditions, call Thunder Bail Bonds, your bail bonds OKC professional at 405.235.0002.