Assault vs Domestic Violence

Victim of Domestic Violence

Any Person With a Family or Spousal Relationship To The Victim Would Fall Under Domestic Offender

If you have been arrested for domestic violence in Oklahoma, you may be confused about what constitutes this offense in contrast to a more general assault charge. If you require bail for your violent offense, Thunder Bail Bonds offers domestic violence bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK. To get a better understand about assault vs domestic violence offenses, check out the distinctions below:

The domestic offender must have one of the following relationships with the domestic victim:

  • Blood or Marriage Relative
  • Current or Former Spouse
  • Former / Current Housemate
  • Former Spouse of Victim’s Current Spouse
  • Foster Parent
  • Parent
  • Parent of Victim’s Child
  • Partner / Dating

If the relationship is merely an acquaintance or a “friend of a friend” it would most likely fall under assault rather than domestic abuse. To learn more about domestic violence in Oklahoma, check out the state’s domestic violence awareness guide.

Penalties for Domestic Abuse

Review the following penalties:

  • First Conviction: Up to 1 year imprisonment and / or a fine up to $5,000
  • Subsequent Conviction: Up to 4 year imprisonment and / or fine up to $5,000

In addition, victims are eligible to request a restraining order against their respective offender, which can give the offender increased legal motivation to stay away. While it doesn’t protect the victim in the same way that a conviction and imprisonment would, it adds a legal measure that can move towards a later conviction. Call (405) 235-0002 for domestic violence bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK.